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Meeting the demands of accelerating change The whole automotive industry faces enormous challenges:

  • On the supply side, global over-capacity is driving businesses to consolidate - to seek increased market share while reducing costs. In response to this, merger and acquisition activity is high and increasing, brand management is becoming a key focus for manufacturers, and suppliers are stepping up to the challenges of "modularisation" while continuing to drive out cost and increase speed of delivery. The idea of building every car to order is still a dream - but for how long?

  • On the demand side, customers expect ever-increasing value for their money and require faster responses from the retail organisations. New channels, such as Internet retailing, are set to make sweeping changes in the way that we buy cars and associated services. New alliances and new entrants are entering the market aggressively. In this climate, relentless focus on understanding and satisfying customers is paramount. "Business as usual" is less and less tenable as a strategy.

Vanaloy has been supplying solutions to the automotive industry for most of our existence. We have helped some of the world's largest organisations meet the challenges so far and continue to support them as they grow and change. We focus on the rapid delivery of real business benefit while building long-term "partnership" relationships with our customers. 

Our success is due to our unique mixture of:

  • business consulting services, with a pragmatic focus on rapid results

  • programme and project management excellence, assuring successful delivery

  • wide-ranging technical skills, from legacy systems to leading-edge technologies

  • best-in-class products and solutions, both industry specific and cross-sector.

Automotive team focuses on the critical business issues for organisations in the automotive business - engineering companies, component and systems suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We advise, implement and support them in key areas such as:

  • product engineering and data management: making the best use of their existing knowledge base and building upon it

  • supply chain integration: streamlining the information flows as well as the physical processes

  • strategic purchasing: driving out cost and delay and creating new relationships between suppliers and manufacturers

  • manufacturing process improvement: relentlessly focusing on higher speed, higher quality and lower cost, building in agility to respond quickly to market and business changes

  • merger and acquisition integration: reaping the full benefits by applying ingenuity to gain rapid bottom-line results while maintaining a tight operational grip

  • customer focus: taking full advantage of new opportunities to understand customers, build durable relationships with them and focus the organisation to deliver consistently to meet rising expectations.

To deliver, we work in partnership with providers of best-in-class products and solutions for:

  • Product data management

  • Advanced planning and scheduling

  • Plant maintenance management

  • Manufacturing execution

  • Enterprise resource management

  • Data warehousing

  • Enterprise applications integration

  • Customer relationship management

  • e-Business, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

We also have a range of solutions which we have developed in house which can rapidly be deployed to deliver business gains, such as plant-floor quality improvement and enterprise maintenance management. 

Beyond delivery, we can provide full life-cycle support using a variety of constructions that are tailored to meet each client's specific requirements.



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