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Mobility and versatility, powered by effective communications and efficient logistical co-ordination - these are the demands placed upon defence forces worldwide. With acute budget stringency, information technology support is essential in order to make the most of available manpower and resources.

Military activities are increasingly becoming joint and combined operations. In this environment the effective integration of services and information takes on increasing importance. This can be realised in a cost-effective and efficient manner by the pragmatic use of robust and reliable IT systems on which forces can depend for intelligence and operational management.

Vanaloy's defence division has been active, and growing its presence in the market place. Vanaloy has worked on hundreds of projects for the Ministry of Defence (MoD), and also in close co-operation with many leading multi-national defence contractors including British Aerospace, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Thomson CSF. A track record of successfully delivering multi-million pound systems demonstrates our thorough understanding of the defence business and Vanaloy's comprehensive capabilities. Vanaloy supplies the same skills and capabilities to achieve a successful outcome on a very wide range of smaller projects.

We provide systems and services that provide a business advantage - enhancing military benefit. Vanaloy is experienced in a broad spectrum of projects involving multi-national and tri-service forces, from initial studies and consultancy through to the implementation of full-scale systems. As a systems integration company, Vanaloy has the experience and expertise to successfully integrate third party systems as well as providing specialist IT solutions. The level of our involvement is completely flexible to allow us to provide the most effective answer to each different client need, ranging from collaborative partnerships with other contractors and suppliers, to assuming total responsibility for project management and solution delivery.

Vanaloy has maintained its position as a leading defence industry supplier by using personnel experienced in relevant technologies and systems. We employ the best. Vanaloy assembles project teams ready to work with clients at all levels, aware of the need not only to deliver maximum system performance and optimum value for money, but also capable of using state of the art technology. 
Another pre-requisite for success is Vanaloy's internal project management and quality system, which meets or exceeds benchmarks recognised by external organisations such as the MoD, NATO, or required by ISO 9001. These processes and procedures result in the reduction of implementation risk and underpin successful and timely project completion. 

Our core business is systems integration. We are an experienced and capable prime contractor, but we also provide full life cycle services and support such as:

  • feasibility and definition studies

  • requirements analysis

  • systems and software specification

  • systems and software implementation

  • logistics and in-service support

  • project and risk management

These capabilities are proven by a long list of successful projects where we have adopted the role of prime contractor, sub-contractor, team member, support service for project or procurement office, or as an impartial and fully independent consultant.

  • Mission planning system.

  • Desktop simulation capability.

  • System migration.

  • Sonar design and development.

  • The changing face of data processing in passive sonar.

  • A synthetic environment for passive sonar.

  • Target recognition, identification and tracking using real and synthetic IR imagery.



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