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  • management consulting: our management consultancy practice enables clients to identify and exploit new opportunities in advance of their competitors and to far greater effect. We can help you to define and refine your digital strategy, and give you the expertise necessary to take your company into the digital age. We help operators win licenses and market share; banks to launch new channels and lifestyle services; utility companies to exploit their assets and deliver attractive customer solutions; and manufacturers, retailers and transport companies to improve efficiency and margins.

  • system integration: by integrating the various business systems within your organisation, we can help you grow your enterprise, get closer to your customers, optimise supply chains, streamline everyday working processes and maximize expenditure. From financial management to human resources, manufacturing to sales and distribution, we'll improve the way you work, across the board creating the lean, agile and intelligent technical infrastructure you need to lead in today's competitive markets. 

  • product innovation: Vanaloy develops software and systems that offer unique and empowering capabilities. For example, we lead the world in Short Message Service (SMS) software platforms for mobile phone operators. Our solutions fully interface with third party products to ensure customers get a truly integrated solution that generates the required results.

  • managed services and outsourcing: we manage large portfolios of applications software and key business processes for many leading multinationals. This ongoing relationship means that we can ensure our clients' information systems continue to meet - and exceed - their evolving business needs, in the most cost-efficient way.


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