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Vanloy is a trusted supplier to many of the leading banks and financial institutions. We have been involved in the finance industry since our establishment, and have served countless finance sector clients including banks.

There are three main components to our finance sector offerings:

  • independent consultancy, helping clients to define the IT solutions that best meet their business requirements

  • bespoke system build and systems integration, where we develop software to meet specific requirements and deliver total solutions that interwork with existing systems

  • supply and integration of systems kernels and software products which address specific business requirements.

We serve a wide range of branches of the finance industry including: investment banks/capital markets, corporate/wholesale/commercial banks, retail banks and building societies/savings and loans, central banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges and transnational financial institutions (such as S.W.I.F.T. and Europay).

Much of our work involves our clients' 'mission critical' activities and we have particular experience in the following areas:

  • customer-facing systems and call centres

  • payment, clearing and settlement systems, including cross-border systems

  • trading room systems (particularly front- and middle-office) including distribution platforms and dealer applications

  • risk management, both in the capital markets area and across the bank's activities as a whole

  • retail delivery systems including branch platforms, ATM transaction authorisation, card management and 'smart card' applications

  • financial messaging systems including SWIFT interfaces, message switches/hubs and straight-through processing applications

  • Internet and intranet applications.

Our customers tell us that there are three main reasons why they use us: Firstly, because we really understand their issues and the environments within which they operate. This means that we can help them identify the solutions and technologies which will achieve their business objectives.

Secondly, because they see us as 'consultants who deliver'. They are confident in our ability to provide expert independent advice, and to follow this up by delivering systems which are not only on spec, on time and to budget, but deliver the expected business results.

And finally, because we are a global company with a local face. We are able to meet the worldwide requirements of our global clients, and deliver systems and services locally, through people that speak the local language and understand the local culture.

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