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Business solutions for manufacturers Vanaloy addresses the fundamental business challenges of manufacturing organisations:

  • addressing global markets with global brands and supply chains

  • making customers feel special, so increasing customer retention

  • exploiting the Internet and new channels to market

  • fulfilling orders direct to customers placed over the Internet

  • improving forecasting and planning to meet supply and demand

  • getting new products to market quickly and at lower cost

  • managing inventory more effectively

Vanaloy's market knowledge, project management and systems engineering skills enable us to deliver fully-integrated solutions that meet our clients' requirements and add real value to their business. 

We have the project experience and proven processes to deliver these solutions at minimum risk and often to a fixed price and timescale. Our consultants understand the business challenges facing manufacturers and can apply information technologies with pragmatism. Our engineering methods and processes enable us to build business solutions rapidly, so that our clients can gain competitive advantage. 

We offer a portfolio of leading business applications which are delivered through our consultancy and integration services. These products and services provide manufacturing and supply chain organisations with complete solutions from a single supplier. We are market leaders in integrating e-Commerce 'front-ends' to back-office fulfilment systems. 

We specialise in applications for leading international organisations in:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

  • Chemicals, Gases and Aggregates

  • Food, Beverages and other Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • Consumer Durables and Electronics

  • Automotive and Engineering

Our services cover the full solution lifecycle from feasibility and business justification to requirements capture, design, implementation, user training and long-term support. 

We have worked with many of the leading names in many industry.

Vanaloy uses a variety of Internet products to implement secure and reliable connectivity within supply chains, so essential for manufacturers wishing to trade electronically with customers, distributors and suppliers. Embracing suppliers and customers in this way enables manufacturers be more responsive to unexpected demand, and so integrate better with planning and scheduling tools. It also helps to lock in key customers seamlessly within your supply chain. This means that products are manufactured to meet real demand rather than to languish in warehouses. Inventory can be significantly minimised with resultant cost savings and orders can be fulfilled more efficiently to a wider range of customers. New trading communities are emerging and with them new standards for trading, such as Rosettanet processes, that will replace traditional EDI processes. 

Also manufacturers see the Internet as a way to sell directly to consumers, into their homes, and sales through web sites and portals are becoming important new channels to market. Mobile commerce using SMS and WAP technology is proving effective for targeting particular market sectors through mobile phones, particularly the 16 to 30 age group. 

Vanaloy has specific offerings in the areas of e-Commerce, business-to-business procurement, e-Sales and m-CommerceTM

Vanaloy's services include:

  • establishing the business requirements for e-Commerce, e-Business and m-CommerceTM

  • building the business case with cost-benefits

  • sassessing the most appropriate technologies

  • running a pilot programme to prove the concept

  • implementing Internet and Extranet solutions as appropriate

  • integrating front-end systems with back-office fulfilment systems

  • training users and providing support

Integrating IT systems across an enterprise, often on a global scale, is essential for maximising the return from corporate assets and for managing globally branded products. Fulfilling the sales demand created by the Internet is also a driver for integrating systems across the enterprise. Vanaloy uses connectivity tools such as IBM's MQ Series/MQSI, Extricity's MQ Alliance and Constellar Hub to implement truly global IT infrastructures that support world-wide business applications and the extended supply chain. We enable different applications on different platforms to communicate seamlessly. This enables old applications to be unplugged and replaced, as well as departmental or company mergers to embrace disparate applications. The infrastructure has the added and significant benefit of providing the main source of corporate management information on how the total enterprise is operating and enabling collaborative working across the enterprise.

Our services cover:

  • building a business case for global IT operation

  • developing the appropriate global architecture

  • planning and costing the implementation

  • developing the application-to-application messaging infrastructure

  • rolling out the technology world-wide

  • integrating business applications into the infrastructure

  • providing global support, systems management and help desks

Making your customers feel special is the best key to retaining their loyalty to your brand. CRM enables you to manage your relationship with them so that they receive individual attention. To do this requires the integration of many data sources that capture all the ways a manufacturer interacts with its customers and the end consumers of its products. Vanaloy has the systems integration skills to enable sales and marketing information to be combined with transactional information to provide a complete picture of each customer and the best ways to service their individual needs. We are a global partner to Siebel and work with a variety of other applications providers in call centre, customer contact, sales force automation, campaign planning and customer support solutions. 

Vanaloy provides products and services for:

  • building the business case

  • consultancy in CRM and the management of customer information

  • selecting the right technology and applications for your business

  • building rapid fully integrated solutions

Most international manufacturers know that they have to manage their business as an enterprise-wide operation to get the best return from their corporate resources. They have to integrate a variety of business functions: manufacturing control, sales management, materials procurement, inventory management, distribution, project management, finance, capacity scheduling and many others. To do this they need information technology to support their enterprise-wide operations. 

Vanaloy has selected SAP's R/3, with it's 'New Dimensions' applications, and J D Edwards as the leading ERP packages to implement for our clients in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. We deliver complete solutions that are integrated with legacy and other business critical systems. Use of such systems can significantly reduce costly inventory and harness the total resources in the enterprise to serve customers' demands more effectively. 

Our complementary services include:

  • establishing a business case for ERP implementation

  • re-engineering processes to enable ERP to work effectively

  • selection of the right ERP package

  • planning, costing and project managing the implementation

  • integrating the ERP package with legacy systems 

  • managing the transition of data and human resources

  • training users and supporting the systems

Information about customer behaviour and preferences is vital to gaining a competitive edge. Data warehouses can provide that business intelligence. Vanaloy recognises that to implement data warehouses that really add value to a business, the skills of capturing, cleansing and managing data are as important as the tools provided to build and interrogate the data. We provide consultants, designers and implementers who ensure that data warehouses are built to meet clearly defined business objectives, using the right business data and according to a proven Vanaloy process. We implement a variety of data warehouse products and the associated business intelligence tools from leading suppliers such as Cognos and Business Objects for efficiently exploring the data once the warehouse has been established. 

Our services include:

  • setting the business objectives for the data warehouse

  • establishing the user requirements

  • determining the right sources of business data

  • implementing the cleansing, transformation and management processes

  • selecting the right business intelligence tools

  • building the data warehouse

  • training users and providing support

Minimising unwanted inventory and buffer stocks, yet responding quickly to new orders, promotions and seasonal changes in demand is essential if a manufacturer is to manage its supply chain and production efficiently. Attaining Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) means manufacturers have to be flexible and responsive, able to replan and schedule production as and when new requirements emerge. Providing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is also challenging many manufacturers today. 
Vanaloy has found that implementing the right demand and supply planning tools, and then integrating them effectively with other ERP and supply chain applications, can make significant improvements to bottom line profit and customer satisfaction. 

We implement leading forecasting, planning and scheduling products, such as APO from SAP, Manugistics and i2 Rhythm. 

Our complementary services include:

  • establishing a business case for package implementation

  • selection of the right planning and scheduling package for your business

  • project managing the complete implementation

  • integrating the package with ERP and other supply chain systems

  • training users and supporting the systems

  • IT strategy review/business process analysis, British Standards Institute

  • Shorter time-to-market and reduced costs for new product development, a large vehicle manufacturer

  • Virtual meeting system enhances global decision-making, BOC



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