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Delivery to customers is Vanaloy's business and Cortech takes full account of this. The heart of Cortech are the Delivery Key Process Areas. These handle the major aspects of Vanaloy's business: Projects, Products and Services. A lower level of processes ensure that project lifecycles, support activities and procurement use a common process and benefit from Vanaloy 's experience.

The separation of the above functions into separate Cortech processes concentrates attention to each and provides clear guidelines to all aspects of Vanaloy's delivery to customers.

Cortech is an important benefit to Vanaloy's customers. It ensures:

  • repeatability: Cortech is a set of processes for use by all Vanaloy staff,

  • flexibility: its ability to accommodate the many differing lifecycle models that are required to support different types of project,

  • customisability: the ability to tailor project processes where appropriate so we can meet our clients' needs in the most efficient way while still ensuring that all activities are controlled and managed professionally,

  • experience: how Cortech encapsulates Vanaloy's years of experience and draws together best practices from projects all over the company,

  • process improvement: the benefits of the continuing fact that these lifecycles and processes are continually being improved as new experience is incorporated.


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