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Vanaloy is recognised as one of the leading Applications Management service providers. Vanaloy's industry knowledge and ability to deliver flexible service, working alongside its customers, is testified by its increasing customer base of leading organisations.

The key to outsourcing success is in selectively sourcing areas of your IT to best-of-breed service providers. The Service providers need four crucial capabilities:

  • Ability to deliver

  • Flexibility

  • cultural compatibility and above all

  • the ability to add value.

Vanaloy's outstanding ability is in building long term outsourcing relationships that continuously add value. Vanaloy have a real ability to understand and integrate with the people in the client team, speaking the same language both technically and culturally. 

Savacentre's Finance and Systems Director, Edward Bonner, said: "We needed more than straightforward 'off-the-shelf' IT outsourcing support. We knew that we had to find a partner who could offer us technical expertise and outstanding service plus the flexibility to work closely with our organisation." 

At Air Miles,
"We liked their style," said the company's director, Wanda Goldwag. "They were flexible, responsive and had a real 'can-do' attitude." 

Andy Reynolds, Systems Director Britannia Airways said: "We wanted to selectively source a high quality service. Logica best met our needs and has also proved to be a positive employer for our IT staff." 

"Outsourcing our IT requirements is not just a case of pulling in 'warm bodies' to handle the work," said Russ Armstrong, Energis' then IT director. "It also brings us a partner who adds value to our business - by improving the efficiency of our IT systems, by helping us manage our supplier relationships and above all, by helping us meet the strategic business objectives that keep us ahead of our competitors."

Why do clients value working with Vanaloy? Because we understand that everything we do has to deliver business results. We offer a genuine partnership to enhance business performance - from strategic consulting, delivering significant change programmes, through to selectively outsourcing and managing our clients' systems.

We understand the role that information, speed and accuracy play in creating successful businesses. Coupled with our market knowledge, we thrive on making the application of that expertise relevant to all of the companies with whom we work, no matter what part of the world.

We advocate a collaborative approach to providing service solutions. We talk to our clients. We understand not only their current, but also their future business needs. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients now see us as a true strategic partner, rather than a tactical supplier.



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