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Vanaloy has worked with some of the world's leading international organisations in the commercial sector developing innovative IT business solutions.

Vanaloy supplies consultancy, software and systems integration services to major organisations in the retail sector. IT systems have rapidly assumed a role of major importance to retailers and distributors, both as a strategic tool for competitive edge and to improve efficiency.

To enable retailers and distributors to establish and maintain market share and competitive advantage they must be able to make effective use of leading edge technology. That means understanding the IT market place and potential benefits that the technology can deliver, accurately assessing the requirements of the business, and efficiently and effectively implementing a solution. The time pressures are always critical, as is the need to deliver and maintain responsiveness and reliability of customer facing systems during periods of rapid change and innovation. That means the risks are high unless the right combination of technical skills, commercial awareness and realistic pragmatism are brought to bear on the problems.

Vanaloy's home shopping solution, eCom, is a comprehensive end-to-end solution, taking retailers nearer to giving their customers the ability to have the entire high street accessible from their home via PC, or PDA or mobile phone. The solution enables global retailers to provide their customers with a complete door to door home shopping service. 
Responding to the changing face of retail Vanaloy's eCom solution integrates every element of home shopping, from ordering shopping straight from the kitchen cupboard using the latest scanning technology to the fulfilment and delivery of goods. 

To meet the needs of small to medium sized retailers, Vanaloy has also launched eCom Light a dedicated Internet home shopping package. From building an on-line shopping page to processing and gathering customer order information, eCom Light can be tailored to meet a host of needs for both the retailer and its customers and is ideal for those who want to build brand awareness and loyalty quickly. 

This solution is a Vanaloy integration with other leading retail technology suppliers Unipower, Symbol and MIS to bring together this end-to-end solution. 

In outline our solution offers:

  • The ability to take customer orders and queries via telephone (fixed or mobile), fax, Internet (PC or interactive TV), PDA or kiosk

  • The processing of an order, including payment and delivery instructions

  • The processing of the financial transaction including secure credit/debit processing

  • A complete warehousing or store picking and fulfilment operation

  • The secure delivery to the doorstep or alternative 'dead drop' location at the time and date requested by the customer

  • Returns and credit processing

  • Loyalty and customer relationship management options

  • Integration with existing and planned business operations and systems

  • Financial terms designed to ease initial investment and running costs.

The Vanaloy end-to-end home shopping solution uses Vanaloy's consultancy, project management skills and our integration of our partner's products. The solution is modular, therefore the retailer can have all or some of the modules, and these can be fully integrated into existing and planned operations and systems.

To help meet the needs of the modern 'nimble' retailer and distributor, Vanaloy provides capabilities centred around three key areas:

Retailers wishing to address a multi-channel strategy have to rapidly become adept in a wide-ranging set of skills. They must become more agile in the way that they support their core business processes, being ready to change those processes that support the business as the business changes and evolves.

Vanaloy advises leading retailers on specific process improvements and the subsequent selection of the best supporting ERP and Supply Chain applications, based upon real knowledge and compelling experience of the retail and distribution sectors. Our capabilities further extend to implementing the chosen package be it 'best of breed' or a fully integrated set of applications. Our offering includes:

  • establishing a business case

  • re-engineering processes to enable ERP to work effectively

  • selection of the right ERP package, be it 'best of breed' or fully integrated

  • selection of date analysis and reporting options to make maximum use of loyalty data

  • planning, costing and project managing the implementation

  • implementation of either fully integrated or 'best of breed' applications

  • training users and supporting the systems.

Most people would agree that the future lies in the ability to integrate new channels to the existing ones. New technologies like Interactive TV, call centres, Internet shopping and Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce) combined with the restrictions on building new stores are forcing retailers to rethink their strategies. 

Vanaloy is an expert in a wide range of technologies, with proven methodology for content creation, knowledge and experience of channel integration, secure payment and fulfilment products, infrastructure development expertise, call centre development, security services, user awareness and training. Our services cover:

  • establishing the business requirements for a multi-channel strategy

  • building the business case with cost-benefits

  • assessing the most appropriate technologies

  • running a pilot programme to prove the concept

  • implementing appropriate solutions and technologies

  • training users and providing support.

As retail increases in complexity (i.e. through multi-channels and globalisation) yet remains under increasing pressure to reduce costs, the need for a cost-effective easily managed yet complete infrastructure becomes paramount. Vanaloy provides solutions to help organisations develop and implement Intranets, Help Desks, Data Warehouses (and more importantly Data Mining) and Systems Management. We offer a service to organisations IT functions to help them provide an effective, future-resilient, cost justified IT infrastructure to help their business grow and exploit the new opportunities. Our services cover:

  • analyse processes and current and planned infrastructure

  • develop a clear business case

  • select tools (if relevant)

  • pilot implementation to prove the business case

  • full implementation of appropriate tools

  • training users and providing support.

  • WORCS Home Shopping, Boots the Chemist

  • Systems management, A major UK food retailer

  • Taking stock of IT infrastructure and processes.

  • New channels for high growth.

  • Transforming data into retail knowledge.



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