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Ready for the next generation

You want to exploit the opportunities presented by the next generation of telecoms.

You need better solutions for acquiring, retaining and developing ever more valuable customers. 

You need a partner that understands your business needs.

To compete successfully in today's telecoms market, you need to anticipate, meet and exceed the changing demands of your customers whilst generating ever greater returns for your shareholders.

Vanaloy's telecoms business aims to satisfy the needs of operators as they strive to exploit the next generation of opportunities. We understand the business issues that operators face, we offer innovative solutions that make a real impact on their profitability, we deliver reliably, and we are committed to long term, meaningful partnerships with our customers.

Vanaloy combines leading edge technologies, commercial expertise and programme management to deliver solutions that help operators reduce time to market, respond swiftly to customer needs and win more business than their competitors. Our solutions provide platforms for competitive innovation and business success. We provide a full range of services, from strategic consultancy and telecoms products through to systems integration, solutions delivery and telecoms process outsourcing.

We have helped telecoms companies bring new services to market faster and more reliably than their competitors. Our expertise in implementing IP solutions, e-Commerce and mobile technologies is already shaping the future for both operators and their customers, and is revolutionising the way that the world communicates.

We are a market leader in many segments of the telecoms industry, including text messaging for mobile, pre-paid telephony, inter-standards roaming, IP solutions and radio network planning. Our business consulting practice has enabled more than 50 organisations to start up telecoms companies, launch new business streams or enter new geographic markets. We have established particular expertise in the areas of third generation mobile and Internet protocol based networks.

To compete successfully in today's telecoms market, operators need to anticipate, meet and exceed the changing demands of customers whilst generating ever greater returns for their shareholders. Vanaloy's telecoms offerings serve four solution segments: 
Enhanced customer relations: We turn operators' customer relationships into competitive advantage. Vanaloy is a leading integrator of billing solutions for mobile, fixed and fixed-mobile operators. We have a 5% share of the global billing integration market for GSM operators. Our customer relationship management solutions have won us more than 40 contracts with leading operators. 

Enhanced customer connections: We provide the intelligence that lets customers connect to networks in innovative ways. The growth of the pre-paid segment continues to be phenomenal in many markets, and our Aethos platform is the choice of many of the largest pre-paid operators. Where roaming between network standards is demanded, our Roaming Gateway solution is the world leader, offering instant coverage across the globe, regardless of network standard. We have developed particular skills in the areas of network management for Internet protocol based networks, and number portability for networks of all types. 

Enhanced content delivery: We help operators deliver more value by providing the systems that deliver more than 50% of all the text messages sent to mobile phones. The Vanaloy portfolio of mobile data messaging solutions supports all standards (including GSM, CDMA and PDC) and is the world leader. We are particularly strong in Short Messaging and Cell Broadcast, and have taken a leading position in the development of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) standards and applications. 

Enhanced corporate performance: We enable operators to maximise their assets and increase their profits. Vanaloy's consultancy practice helps operators win licences, develop new strategies, and launch services that offer unique benefits to their customers. We have specialist knowledge in the implementation environment with a flexible team of experts who can reduce 'time to market'.

Vanaloy's ambition is to deliver global solutions for the interconnected world. Over the years, we have focused on delivering leading edge IT solutions and business advantage to key market sectors worldwide - including financial services, retail, energy and utilities and telecoms. We have provided solutions to some of the world's most complex technical problems. 
In areas such as electronic commerce, customer relationship management, security, data warehousing, ERP and billing, we are able to challenge our telecoms customers to consider innovations that have been successful for banks, utilities and retailers. 

We are committed to long term, meaningful customer partnerships - we have been working with many of our clients for more than a decade and with most of our 200 telecoms customers since their first year of operation.

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