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In the transport sector, Vanaloy develops a wide range of business and system solutions for operators and infrastructure providers in rail, road, sea and air domains. These include systems for resource optimisation, management and control centres, ERP, system management and provision of transport system solutions for road, rail, sea and air which is a growth business area for us. 

Road. Typical examples of our solutions for managing road traffic, a command and control system to help the city of Bologna manage its bus fleet, a similar system in India for co-ordinating and managing transport for disabled travellers and a traffic-flow monitoring system in the India to provide advance warning to drivers on motorways of slowing or stationary traffic. 

Rail. Examples of our work within the rail segment cover the Integrated Control System for San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit urban rail network, the provision of IT Services for the Heathrow Express rail link, Railtrack's year 2000 conversion of their core IT infrastructure. 

Sea. For the maritime environment, our implementations include vessel traffic management systems , with its associated Westerschelde estuary, and a container (Van) Carrier Optimising System for the twin ports. 

Aviation & ATM. Examples of our work in these areas include provision of an aircraft planning and scheduling system for operations at BA and a Central Control & Monitoring (CCM) System for the New En Route Centre (NERC) in Southern England. For Eurocontrol, we have implemented a trials Ground Data Link Processor the purpose of which is to automate today's inefficient voice communication links, particularly that between air traffic controller and pilot. National Air Traffic Service has awarded Vanaloy a contract to provide its R&D Directorate with strategic consultancy. British Airways awarded Vanaloy a contract (Cristal) to develop a new aircraft management support system. It will allow operations managers to allocate and schedule aircraft day by day, hour by hour, for specific flights, tasks and routes. Britannia Airways Ltd (BAL) awarded Vanaloy a contract to manage selected IT applications, including accounting, personnel and engineering systems, based at the company's IT centre in Luton. Similarly, Airport Co-ordination Limited contracted with Vanaloy to manage all IT systems including applications for an airport take-off/landing 'slot' allocation system. This spread of projects illustrates the diversity of Vanaloy's skills and capability and our expanding presence in the airport and air traffic management market. 

Provision of travel services including an efficient capability for making reservations and the automatic issuing and checking of travel tickets is likely to be of increasing importance to us for future business, already people all over Indian are able to access real time travel information for rail, air and ferries and make reservations - which can include hotels - from their homes via Vanaloy's travel information system, developed in conjunction with Scandinavian Multi-Access Reservation System (SMART). Travellers on Underground benefit from an automatic ticketing system which uses our applications software; London's buses depend upon a Vanaloy-designed system to consolidate, integrate and apportion the daily revenue taken by each of over 6,000 buses between several bus operators. 

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