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People who work for Vanaloy are people with a real flair for technology. People who aren't just fascinated by intellectual problems, but who strive to find solutions to help businesses perform better. From our beginning, Vanaloy has broken technical barriers to help people and organisations make a quantum leap in what they can achieve. Our values reflect Vanaloy as an organisation and our staff: 

One team with one approach delivering global solutions: to offer our clients, many of whom are global, leading edge solutions to their business problems, we draw on the knowledge we have built across market sectors and national boundaries.

We are always a step ahead anticipating tomorrow's solutions: research has shown that we're known for being a step ahead in how we think and the way we deliver. We look for the solutions to tomorrow's business issues; we find ways to extend the boundaries. This approach helps to keep our clients ahead in their field.

We challenge impossibility, our attitude is always can do: we have provided solutions to some of the toughest technical problems. Systems that manage the assets in more than 30 utilities companies in the US, software which makes it possible to communicate across networks and continents by mobile phone, solutions which have fundamentally overhauled the way that banks capture and use information.

We transform by transferring knowledge, between people, businesses, countries: by looking beyond geographical and market boundaries for solutions to problems, we transfer what we have learnt in one area to bring about rapid transformation in another.

Our future depends on inspiring relationships: however powerful the technology, we realise that the Vanaloy difference depends on our people. We value long term relationships; we have been working with many of our customers for more than a decade. We know from talking to our customers that they value us as a partner not a supplier.

Our ambition is to be the best at what we do, and to be recognised by our customers as the leaders in our field. Since Vanaloy was founded we have made extraordinary breakthroughs in what technology can accomplish.

We will strive to do even more in the future.


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